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Sidetrack to Kent

It’s boom time for the booze business, and competition for the taste buds (and wallets) has never been as fierce. The answer? For Larry and Linda Person of Sidetrack Distillery, stay true to your farm-to-bottle roots, cultivating all-natural produce and artisan world-class spirits on a six-acre farm in Kent’s Green River Valley. Fair warning…adventure- seeking spirit encouraged, but not required.

Here’s a taste of Sidetrack’s fruit-forward liqueurs:

  • Sidetrack newbie? Start with the flagship Nocino (Walnut) Liqueur, inspired by the Alpine regions of Europe. This liqueur is made from green walnuts hand-picked at the right time of the early summer.
  • Shiso Liqueur is a distinct spirit that borrows an essential flavoring in Asian cuisine. The result? A unique taste that evokes the spices of the tropics and ends with a refreshingly cool finish.
  • Looking for something on the sweet side? Sidetrack’s Raspberry Liqueur echoes the bold taste of the distillery’s own farm-grown raspberries.

Learn more about the liquid tourism brewing in Kent, follow us on Instagram @VisitKentWA.