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Back to School Night for Grownups: Hops, History and Brewology 101

Head to the Greater Kent Historical Society Museum March 10 to learn about Kent’s hoppy history, taste some home brews and get a primer on making your own beer.

Hops, History and Brewology 101

6-8 p.m., March 10, 2018

Greater Kent Historical Society Museum

855 E. Smith St., Kent, WA


How did the White River Valley go from a booming hops-growing mecca to a hops-free zone? No spoiler alerts here. Visit the Greater Kent Historical Society Museum on March 10 for Hops, History and Brewology 101. For just $15, you’ll be treated to a brief lecture on the region’s hops history, along with a tasting of Northwest home brews. The two-hour event also includes a mini-class on making your own beer, led by Jon Sleight of Jon’s Home Brew and Wine Supply in Puyallup, Washington. Call 253-854-4330 to reserve your spot. Space is limited for this 21+ event.

What the heck are hops, anyway?

Here’s just a taste of what the buzz is about. Hops are the flowers of the hop plant used primarily as a flavor and stability agent in beer. That bitter, tangy flavor you taste in your pale ale? Yep, that’s the hops in action. But that’s just part of the story. There are as many uses for hops as there are varieties.

Get Some Extra Credit at Airways Brewing

After the class and tasting, head to Kent’s The Airways Brewing and Bistro & Beer Garden for some additional research. Find out what’s on tap and reflect on what you’ve learned over an Airways flight paired with some creative Northwest fare. Be sure to show off your newfound knowledge by asking, “What kind of hops do you use in your Jumbo Juice IPA?” Snap.

There’s always something new to learn (and taste) in Kent. Find out about more things to do when you visit.