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Best Rainy-day Activities

From family-friendly puddle jumping to kid-free rain and Riesling—there’s no shortage of fun during April showers in Kent

April showers bring…well, more showers. In the damp Pacific Northwest, rainy days are just part of the deal. Why not make the most of it? Kent offers some great rainy-day options.

  1. Let it pour. Grab a window seat at Wild Wheat Bakery Café and Restaurant and watch the water fall. Enjoy delicious house-roasted coffee, and take in the aroma of fresh-baked goods.
  1. This weather is for the birds. Soggy days often make for the best birding, so puddle-jump your way to Green River Natural Resources Area.
  1. What a great excuse to go shopping. Outfit yourself in head-to-toe Gortex® from Road Runner Sports at Kent Station, and make the wet world your playground. Browse the urban-village shops and warm up by the outdoor fireplace with something toasty from Dilettante Mocha Café.
  1. Take a wetland walk. Grab your umbrella and head for Soos Creek, one of the region’s most active wetland habitats. A paved, six-mile trail meanders through woods, cattail marshes, forested swamps, wet meadows and willow thickets.
  1. Rain and Riesling make an excellent paring. Nothing screams day drinking more than a rainy day. Keep an eye on the weather while you snuggle up with a glass or three of Northwest wine—and some delicious seasonal bites—at Reds Wine Bar at Kent Station.

Not a fan of the wet stuff?

Kent has you covered.