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The unique tastes of Kent

Kent, Washington has something for every palate, including authentic global fare, unique bites and sips, and some truly imaginative cuisine.

Hungry for something different? Kent offers a world of restaurants and specialty shops that reflect the bountiful flavors of this diverse and vibrant community. Here are just a few of the unique tastes you can find in Kent.

Altha’s Louisiana Cajun Seasonings & Spices. Looking to create the perfect etouffe? This specialty market carries more than 1,000 seasonings and spices and other products from New Orleans and the South.

Asadero Sinaloa. This popular Mexican steakhouse serves up prime Sonoran beef, homemade tortillas, and fire-roasted and stone-ground salsas. The restaurant has drawn attention from the Food Network and national media, and recently expanded to Seattle’s burb of Ballard. Kent is where it all began.

Fil Cuisine. This is a prime spot for families and the take-out crowd seeking real-deal Filipino cuisine. Try the Halo Halo, a mix of sweet red beans, sweat potatoes, banana, jack fruit, coconut palm, crushed ice and milk—topped with purple yam ice cream.

Saimin Says. From macadamia nut pancakes to spicy spam musubi and Hawaiian-style noodles swimming in a house-created broth, a meal at Saimin Says is the next best thing to visiting the islands.

Serenity Moon Tea. This gem offers authentic Chinese loose tea, and custom blends to suit your tastes and needs. You’ll want to take time to taste, learn the history and culture of tea, and get tips on how to brew the perfect cup.

Thai Chili. This long-time Kent favorite features classic Thai dishes and contemporary alternatives, including unique vegetarian, gluten-free and fusion recipes.

That’s just a nibble. Check out all the great places to dine and drink in Kent.