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Scenic small-town touring

With Kent as your overnight basecamp, take a day away for a charming small-town driving tour through the nearby Cascade Mountain foothills

Close to the city yet seemingly a million miles away, a drive through the towns of Carnation, Fall City and North Bend offers tree-lined roads, spreading fields and views of Mount Rainier—not to mention loads of small-town charm.


Make a stop at Tolt-McDonald Park where the Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers meet. Stroll along the banks, traverse the suspension bridge, then head to town for some shopping and lunch.

Hot tip: Grab a Tolt Burger at Carnation Café.


Fall City

This former mill town has loads of history and scenery. Visit Fall City Community Park to see the old hops shed where farmers brought their crops to be transported to the Puget Sound and shipped around the world.

Hot tip: Belly up to the bar at Last Frontier Saloon, a log-cabin delight packed with kitschy Americana décor.


North Bend

If you’re a fan of the TV show Twin Peaks, this scenic little burg will look familiar. Stretch your legs with a hike up Mount Si, or opt for a shorter trek to Rattlesnake Ledge for stunning views at the top.

Hot tip: A visit to North Bend wouldn’t be complete without a slice of cherry pie from Twede’s Café.


There’s a lot more to explore and discover on your small-town tour. Check out the full itinerary. [Link when posted]