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Project Feast: A Global Food Experience Transforms Lives, Dazzles Diners

In Kent, Washington, food is a way to bring people together, transform lives and foster understanding across cultures. Experience Project Feast for yourself.

This time of the year, food brings us together around the table. For Project Feast, it’s the same concept—all year-round. The mission of the Kent-based nonprofit is to empower resettled cooks from across the world. Founded by Veena Prasad, a local entrepreneur and first-generation immigrant, Project Feast provides hands-on training that helps resettled refugees and immigrants get ready to work in the restaurant industry, connect within the community and share their love of food.

Kent is the perfect place to make that happen. It’s one of the most diverse cities in the U.S., its residents speak more than 130 languages, and the community boasts a bounty of ethnic restaurants, shops and cultural opportunities.

Bring your appetite and a taste for adventure

Project Feast’s culinary apprentice program provides a full-meal deal of skills and training, from cooking to customer service. You can experience it in action at Ubuntu Street Café in downtown Kent (202 W. Gowe St.), open for lunch Wednesday through Friday and for group events. Menu items are inspired by the diverse heritage of trainees, including current selections such as Iraqi potato salad, Ukrainian split pea soup and Ethiopian beef stew. Bring a group and order several items. After all, sharing is the whole idea. And know that your place at the table supports a great cause. All profits from the café go back into training programs.

You can also get a taste of Project Feast Dec. 15 at the Roots & Recipes Zine Launch at Ubuntu Street Café. A suggested donation of $5–$10 nets you an evening of mingling, appetizers and wine, along with a copy of the zine filled with recipes and stories that celebrate women, food and heritage.

Attend Migrating, Pop Up meals

Project Feast also offers events throughout the year. Monthly Migrating Meals feature different immigrant- or refugee-owned restaurants where people share a family-style meal and some meaningful conversation. Pop Up Meals, typically held at Ubuntu Street Café, showcase a different chef, culture and cuisine each month.

Project Feast creates memorable experiences for visitors and locals alike. Visit the café, attend an event or even volunteer.

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