No Boundaries to What’s Made in Kent

From iconic Northwest drinks and snacks, to space rockets that soar and giant drills that bore, there’s more than you can imagine made in Kent, Washington.

Not only is Kent a great place to visit or make camp for Pacific Northwest adventure, it’s also a place for big ideas—and the makers and manufacturers behind them.

Have you enjoyed a cup of Starbuck’s Pike Place drip? Zipped between London and Paris on a high-speed train? Marveled at yesteryear’s Apollo lunar module or the next generation of space-rocket technology? Kent-based companies had a hand in all of that.

When it comes to manufacturing, it’s no wonder big things are happening here. Kent’s manufacturing and distribution center is the second largest on the west coast and ranks fourth in the nation. It’s a place where industry has come to innovate and revolutionize. And it’s where creative bakers, brewers and vintners hone their craft.

From heavy equipment and sports gear to hearty brews, here’s a sampling of what’s made in Kent:

Space technology that’s out of sight

  • Reusable rockets and rocket engines from Blue Origin, where owner Jeff Bezos and crew are working toward a future where people will live and work in space
  • Composite nose cones for SpaceX rockets from Hexcel Corporation

Machines that do the job around the world

  • Massive tunnel-boring machines from industry-leader Robbins Company, including one that helped carve out the English Channel tunnel
  • Versatile waterjets from OMAX that can cut a wide variety of materials from foam to titanium, using a high-pressure jet of water

Sports gear for land and water

  • Wet suits from Harvey’s Dive Suits, one of the oldest wet suit manufacturers in the U.S. and a trailblazer in the industry

Bountiful bites and beverages

It’s a lot to ponder. While you digest all that’s made in Kent, find out more about things to do when you visit.