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Find the unexpected in Kent

Guaranteed you don’t know everything about Kent, Washington. Get out your calendar and plan for a summer full of surprise.

A hidden mural. Internationally acclaimed landscape art. Dragons racing on the water. These four unique sites will surprise you.

  1. The intersection of earth and art
    Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks Park is the gateway to an internationally renowned collection of landscape art. The Earthworks tour, accessible via bike or car, allows visitors an up-close look at this unique collection of artist-created earth sculptures.
  1. Indoor pickleball…and some history to boot
    Kent is the perfect place to partake in the Washington-born sport of pickleball. Pickleball Station is the only indoor facility in the state, and the only place period where you can visit the Pickleball Museum. Take a gander at original equipment from the 1960s and learn about pioneers of the sport.
  1. Dragon boaters
    Lake Meridian is a water-sport paradise and home waters for the Kent Dragon Boat Association. You can catch dragon boaters in action—or be a part of it—at team practices. These folks are passionate about the sport and always welcome new paddlers.
  1. Tiny park, big mural
    Don’t blink. A dramatic mural covering two building walls frames a small downtown Kent pocket park in the 200 block of 1st Avenue South. The Middle Garden borrows images of European gardens to depict the Green River’s journey through the Kent Valley. It’s just one of many public art installations scattered throughout Kent.

You never know what’s in store for you in Kent. Find out more about all there is to see and do.