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Discover Kent Parks in July

July is National Park & Recreation month. Celebrate with extra visits to Kent parks—from Lake Meridian to Riverbend Golf Complex and more.

Guest blog originally published on Medium, the official blog of the City of Kent

Did you know that Kent has 55 city parks, 28 miles of trails, and 868 acres of parks, open space and natural areas? You can find a place to connect to nature, reduce your kids’ screen time, get some exercise, take a class at Kent Commons, or play 18 at Riverbend Golf Complex.

Our amazing parks feature biking and walking trails, gardens, lakes, rivers, playgrounds and other amenities. They are free for anyone to use, providing valuable health, wellness and social benefits for our residents. We are proud of Kent parks, but don’t take our word for it. See why the Ballard family loves Kent parks so much!

July is Park and Recreation month! Celebrate with us by discovering a new park — or a new recreation program — this month and sharing your favorites on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram feeds with the #DiscoverKentParks and #DiscoverJuly hashtags. Not sure where to start? Check out the full list of Kent parks and trails at


Lake Meridian Park


Riverbend Golf Complex


Wilson Playfields