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Celebrate the world at the Kent International Festival

The Kent International Festival June 3 offers entertainment from around the world
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Celebrate Mother’s Day away in Kent

Hey, gridiron fans. It’s football season, and that means your Seattle Seahawks are racking up yards and TDs. Load up on the face paint and catch all the action in Kent, Washington.
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The Road To Paradise

Kent is the perfect basecamp for your Washington state adventure, with affordable and family-friendly overnight options perfect for mini road trips
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Get your Cinco de Mayo fix in Kent

April 24, 2017
Cue the mariachis. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Kent with some tasty, authentic Mexican fare.
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Scenic small-town touring

April 18, 2017
With Kent as your overnight basecamp, take a day away for a charming small-town driving tour through the nearby Cascade Mountain foothills
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Scenic Bike Trails for Seasoned Cyclers and Carefree Cruisers

April 5, 2017
With nearly 30 miles of paved bike trails, and connections to miles more in every direction, Kent is a biking mecca that offers something for everyone—from seasoned cyclers, to carefree cruisers and the training-wheel set.
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Best Rainy-day Activities

From family-friendly puddle jumping to kid-free rain and Riesling—there’s no shortage of fun during April showers in Kent
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Curious about Kent? Check out these fun facts

As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Kent, Washington has a lot to offer. Check out nine facts that make the city stand out from the crowd.
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Catch a bite of breakfast in Kent

March 20, 2017
Love bacon and eggs? Visit five cafes, bakeries and restaurants in Kent, Washington for a mouth-watering breakfast.
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Kent

Explore St. Patrick's Day events in Kent, Washington—from traditional to out-of-the-ordinary.
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