7 fun things to try in Kent before summer runs out

October 6, 2021

Have you done anything new or fun this summer? Kent to the rescue! The city offers dozens of parks, trails and events to ensure your summer isn’t a bummer.

Here are seven outdoor activities that will challenge your skills and leave you smiling:

  1. Play pickleball on the outdoor court at Canterbury Park. The 2-acre park also has walking trails and a small climbing wall at the playground.

    Climbing wall at Arbor Heights Park

  2. Learn rock climbing basics on the 39-foot pinnacle and smaller boulders at Arbor Heights Park. Separate from the climbing area, Arbor Heights has a figure-eight half pipe with a full pipe in the middle for both skateboards and BMX bikes.
  3. Try not to strike out at WIFFCO Field, the state’s first sanctioned Wiffle Ball field. Available as first come, first served, the field can be reserved through Kent Commons.
  4. Sample international cuisine at the 1st Avenue Inside OUT Market. Local restaurants and retail shops can use sidewalks and the adjacent street for outdoor seating and marketplace from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on select weekend days.
  5. Ride your bike for 20 minutes or several hours on the paved Kent Valley Loop Trails, Interurban Trail or Green River Trail. The flat, paved routes take you through forests, wetlands and prairies.
  6. Meet your need for speed at the go-kart track at PGP Motorsport Park, which features up to 15 curves.Minimum driver age is 15, although 12 to 14 year olds can race if they’ve completed the Junior Racer course.

    West Fenwick Park

  7. Hop, skip and slide your way through the new life-size board game at West Fenwick Park. “Slides and Climbers” is completely ADA accessible and fun for all ages. Recent park improvements also include covered tables and outdoor grills, pathway lighting and a futsal court.

Make plans now for your end-of-summer fun. Invite out-of-town friends and family to join you—we have affordable hotel packages too! Pack a protective face covering for any crowded, outdoor spaces and all indoor places you decide to explore. Find details and more travel inspiration throughout our website.