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No Boundaries to What’s Made in Kent

November 14, 2018
From iconic Northwest drinks and snacks, to space rockets that soar and giant drills that bore, there’s more than you can imagine made in Kent, Washington.
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Get a Free Pass to Kent’s Colorful Past

August 9, 2018
Experience the bygone days of Kent, Washington. Free historical exhibits and tours are on the slate for August.
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Kent Then and Now

May 9, 2018
May 6-12 is National Travel and Tourism Week. It’s time to celebrate Kent, Washington—yesterday and today.
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Back to School Night for Grownups: Hops, History and Brewology 101

February 20, 2018
Head to the Greater Kent Historical Society Museum March 10 to learn about Kent’s hoppy history, taste some home brews and get a primer on making your own beer.
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Tap into Kent’s historic side

June 26, 2017
How did Kent, Washington, make the leap from growing hops to making moon buggies? Find the answer and more at the Greater Kent Historical Society Museum.
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Curious about Kent? Check out these fun facts

As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Kent, Washington has a lot to offer. Check out nine facts that make the city stand out from the crowd.
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